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*Updated: 6 July 2011*

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C.S.C. Manila Inc.


Last April 2011,

the newest lady of the fleet, M/V Timothy-R was fully taken over at Gibraltar. Her full particulars are as follows:

Name : M/V Timothy-R

Registry : Malta

Type : Bulk Carrier

GRT/DWT : 21,497/32,411.3

Year Built : 2009, Jinse Shipbuilding Co., Korea

LOA : 180.34

The first batch of officers & crew of the M/V Timothy-R

M/V Timothy-R with out standard funnel logo.


C.S.C. Manila, Inc., to diversify into the niche market of supplying quality seafarers to the offshore industry for a European based principal. Originally known for manning handy-size bulk carriers, CSC has recently came into an agreement with a well established European principal to provide for quality Filipino seafarers to their various offshore vessels, such as Dredgers, Self-propelled Work Barges, Tugs (ASD/Conventional/AHTS) and Various types of Work Boats.

Having transferred to their new office space on a newly built office building, the increase of volume of seafarers that CSC will now be handling is a welcome development and will easily be accommodated comfortably. Accordingly, CSC will now be setting up a Bulk and Off Shore Division within its office to properly manage the addition of the off-shore business.

As a proven established crew management company providing for a clear career path for its seafarers in the handy size bulk carrier vessels, CSC will now venture into the off-shore supply with its usual total commitment for the best positive result for its principals, seafarers and their families and its employees.

We therefore welcome Off-Shore experienced seafarers to come visit our office to explore better opportunities. We similarly invite senior officers for bulk carriers to join our team.


On-Signing officers & crew of the Timothy-R undergoing thier pre-departure briefing with Capt. Santos.

Sir Albert officers and crew in Muster Station.

Sir Albert Engineer’s and Engine Ratings at work.

Timothy-R, taking advantage of their idle time waiting for berth at Illichivsk.

Officers & Crew of the M/V Timothy-R on the bridge after a familiarization briefing during her take-over..

M/V Timothy-R, officers & crew safety familiarization during her take-over.

Lalinde, thick snow on deck.

Capt. Santos with Bosun Pagulong and A/B Orillosa during his visit onboard the Lalinde at Kantvik, Finland last Dec/10.

Bavarian Trader officers & crew at Muster Station.

Bavarian Trader crew during a Personnel Injury Drill.

Bavarian Trader crew, upgrading of crane jib.

Emergency Steering Familiarization on the Kinatsi

HP fresh water washing of main deck of Kinatsi.

HP fresh water washing of main deck of the Kinatsi.

Repainting of pilot access point and safety way. Keep in mind that Harbor Pilots are the first external visitors onboard.

Weekly swinging out of lifeboats on the Kinatsi.


De-rusting and painting of Kinatsi's draft markings.


Maintenance of H/C quick acting cleats.


HP test of Kinatsi's C/H.


Maintenance of Kinatsi's H/C undersides.


Keeping the OSR funnel highly visible on the Kinatsi.


Re-painting of "5 Shackle" Mark of the anchor chain on the Kinatsi.


Fire Drill at the paint store of the Kinatsi.


Abandonship Drill being supervised by C/O Bascon, Diomedes o/b the Kinatsi.


Pollution Drill onboard the Kinatsi.


Domonstration of the proper use of the 2-way Radio Telephone.


Demonstration of proper activation of SART onboard the Kinatsi.


Demonstration of proper use of 2-way Radio Telephone onboard the Kinatsi.


Lowering and launching of the Kinatsi lifeboat.

Chief Officer Lagumbay debriefing the crew after the emergency drill.

"Spiderman" onboard the Sir Henry.

Keeping them on their toes onboard the Sir Henry.

Lowering of lifeboat on the Sir Henry.

Lowering of lifeboat on the Sir Henry.

New onsigners on the Sir Henry undergoing familiarization of the EFP onboard.

Recent onsigners on the Sir Henry undergoing a safety familiarization briefing from Chief Officer Lagumbay.

Regular drills keep the crew readily aware on the Sir Henry.

Safety exercise onboard the Sir Walter.

Safety familiarization on the Sir Walter.

Safety familiarization onboard the Sir Walter.

Emergency steering exercise onboard the Sir Walter.

FLEET NEWSLETTER issue: February 2010


Onsigning Chief, 3rd and 4th Engineers of the Kinatsi undergoing PMS-Shipnet familiarization in the office prior joining the vessel.

Kinatsi onsigning engineers during their hands-on PMS-Shipnet familiarization.

FLEET NEWSLETTER issue: July 2009


Capt. R. Santos II onboard the m/v Lalinde, wrapping up the ISM/ISPS internal audit he conducted during the vessel’s port stay at Townsville, Australia last 08-09 July 2009.  To his right is C/E Basto, Rogelio, to his left is in-coming Master, Capt. Magracia, Edgardo, out-going Master, Capt. De Castro, Eduardo, C/O Bascon, Diomedes and 2/O Sajot, Jeorge.


Abandon ship drill onboard the M/V Bavarian Trader.

Brazilian Confidence Deck Crew in action. HC6 completed HC5 almost halfway... 4 to go.

Steel Maintenance Course in practice...

 Sir Walter DC jib No.2 undergoing upgrading.

Kinatsi lowering and maneuvering of lifeboat.

The Sir Henry almost completing her deck maintenance job order list.

C/E Eduard Somil and 3/E Jose Bullon meticulously working in tandem onboard Sir Henry.

The Sir Walter having just completed her deck maintenance job order list.

Fire drill onboard the Lalinde. Safety comes first.

Officers & crew of the M/V Bavarian Trader pose before feasting on their Christmas 08” dinner.

Officers & crew of the M/V Bavarian Trader pose for a remembrance photo.


FLEET NEWSLETTER issue: December 2008


(18 December 2008)

Mr. Jack Richards of Orient Shipping Rotterdam (OSR), cutting the ceremonial ribbon with  Atty. Erwin F. Pobre (Chairman of C.S.C. Manila), Mr. Carlos Salinas (Chairman & CEO of PTC) and other guests looking over.

Guests starting to trickle into the new office of C.S.C. Manila, Inc.

Atty Erwin F. Pobre (Chairman of C.S.C. Manila), posing with special guests, Mr. Carlos Salinas of PTC, Mr. Jack Richards of Orient Shipping Rotterdam and Mr. Byung Hoo Min, Chairman of the Board of FAIR Shipping. Mr. Matthijs Post of OSR at the background.


Dancing the night away during the 2008 C.S.C. Manila Christmas Party at Strumms Makati. The band for the evening was Route 66, led by Juan Miguel Salvador.

Truly a night to remember.